The Doors are Open on Project Pureblood!

Project Pureblood is comprised of a group of lions who 1.) have not taken the shot, 2.) vow to never in the future take the shot, and who also 3.) vow to never in the future wear the mask.

It is an online community. It was the community so many of us needed in March 2020 as the world finally lost all sense. It was the community so many of us needed as even the seemingly bravest and most vocal of people around us caved in and showed their true colors.

I look around my world and ask myself "What is every way that I can use my influence to help shore up the foundation that the lions rely on in their lives so that a repeat of 2020 can never happen again?" My writing is part of that. My activism is part of that. My organizing is part of that. My legal endeavors, political participation, family time, and spiritual time are all part of that. And this community is something that I expect will be part of that.

It is one way that I am saying to you "Let me, do everything I can to help you be as ready as possible for everything the future holds." When I put it that way, I realize that I am hardly asking enough money for some people to be able to take this endeavor seriously. But that is okay.

Those who see the value and who are ready to act will benefit from their discernment and will forever be able to smile at the door they opened for themselves.

This weekend, the doors of Project Pureblood have opened up for the first time, and this week, the doors of Project Pureblood will close for the foreseeable future. This week, for the first time the vow mentioned above will be taken.

To those who wish to join the group this week before the group takes that vow, there will be a special rate for joining. There will be a special monthly price, which will forever be locked in for you. Alternately, there is an unlimited one-time price. Unlimited one-time "all you can eat" prices are more of my style, so I want to be sure to make room for people who are like me in that regard -- but that will be an opportunity that is available only this week, and never again.

For the benefit of all involved, I intend to only involve people who recognize the seriousness of the time we are in and the importance a group like this can play in one's life.

It would be nice if free were the right price to make that happen, but truthfully, I do want there to be a barrier to entry. I do not want just anyone wandering in. I want only the committed who understand the tyranny in our midst. And perhaps I am making this too non-exclusive of a group with the low price I am offering this at.

Time will tell.

I generally believe the truly non-committed see any price, scoff, and move on. Free can attract a lot of disruption, especially from people who do not value their time nor your time.

At the same time, I want to make this as affordable and accessible as possible for anyone who understands the value of a group like this in their lives. It is not your money I need. It is your buy-in that I need.

There are unlimited free communication channels out there. This one will be different. It will be curated, exclusive, very, very positive, not a place to post endless streams of news and a place to share yourself with other lions and to be encouraged by them as well. Because I am in the public eye and stand so resolutely against the mandates, I get the benefit of receiving thousands of stories a year from lions. Part of Project Pureblood is making intimate stories of heroism like that more accessible to you, only you do will not need to stand in the public eye to get them.

For a very small price, you will be entering a veritable country club of Purebloods. The world does not yet see how important you are to our future. I do. And it is time to start getting us together with more seriousness and intent.

It is possible that you will not join today, but there will be a day in which you will join, because this is going to be one of the most wonderful, raved about, private corners of the internet for the lions. Not joining today means you will not have that benefit today and you will not have the awesome, brag-worthy price that joining today would bring. Plus you would get to say that you were there at the beginning.

I expect Project Pureblood to last for as long as forced vaccines last and for as long as the need for bravery lasts. That may not be forever, but this group of lions seems like it will long be a vital and needed part of my life and a vital and needed part of the lives of the group members. For as many years or even decades as that remains true, I intend to continue the group.

From now until 11:59pm Pacific Monday night, a $10 / month price will be available. From now until 11:59 pm Pacific Monday night a one-time $200 unlimited price will be available. From now until 11:59 pm Monday, a one-time $300 unlimited price will be available for up to 5 Pureblood family members, 5 Pureblood friends, or any combination of the two.

If you you do not believe in the potential of this idea, please do not join now. If you do see the potential of this idea, please join now, because in the very near future, joining will be more expensive.

Tap below to join under your preferred option. This week, we begin this next leg of this journey together.

Tap either of these buttons above and you will be brought to the website of my shopping cart provider -- Send Owl, which I have been using for more than a decade. They have always done a good job for my clients and for me.

There you can pay with several forms of payment including credit card, debit card, and Paypal. The charge will likely appear on your statement as Any questions, just ask -- you probably know my email already, but just in case it is

Every time I start on a new journey, I always do a million things wrong, and seem to get a few things a little better each time. Anything you are noticing that needs attention, just let me know!

I am very excited for this journey ahead and looking forward to getting to know the awesome folks who join Project Pureblood.